Welcome to the home page of artist Jacques Drapeau!

I've been working on this web site a bit of late.  So, the web site is a bit disorganized.  I hope to get it better organized.  Until recently, I hadn't worked on the web site since about 2016.  Prior to that, I'd kept my web site more-or-less up-to-date for several years.  But, life kind of got in the way of spending time working on my web site, and it got seriously out of date.

Why did I create this web site?  TO SHOW MY ART!  It doesn't make a lot of sense to make a lot of art unless people look at it.  Also, I'm hoping a few folks will like what they see, and want to buy one or more of my pieces.  

If YOU see something on my web site that interests you, contact me by telephone at 360-430-6351 or by email at jacquesdrapeau@comcast.net.

If this is the case, consider purchasing a signed print from me.  I sell my signed prints in frames of various sizes, the frames chosen to work well with the size and shape of the artwork.  Typical asking prices for framed, signed prints are:
  • In 8" x 10" frame, $15.
  • In 11" x 14" frame, $25.
  • In 11" x 17" frame, $30.
  • In 14" x 18" frame, $35.
You may also purchase a signed, but un-framed, print.  Typical prices are:  3" x 5" -- $1; 8" x 10" -- $5.

Most of my art sales are to people who actually see my art in person.  I'm a member of the following organizations:
  • Arlington (WA) Arts Council.
  • Stanwood-Camano Arts Guild.
  • Greater Marysville (WA) Artists Guild.
These organizations put on art shows, in which I participate.  They also arrange for the art of their members to be on long-term display at local businesses and public buildings, and I show in these places.

At the "Where My Art is Scheduled to Show" tab I have posted a show schedule.  I will try to remember to keep it up-to-date.


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