2020 Paintings

2020-11-No03 -- Ahuizotl -- colored pencil on paper.

2020-11-No02 -- Elephino -- colored pencil on paper.  Taken from a middle school joke.  "What do you get when you cross breed a rhino and an elephant?"  "Elephino."

2020-11-No01 - Northern Pacific Pusher Locomotives West of Easton WA -- 22" x 30", acrylic on watercolor paper.

2020-10-No03 - White Elephant Gothic -- acrylic on canvas board.

2020-10-No02 - White Elephant with an Ermine -- acrylic on canvas board.

2020-10-No01 -- BNSF 3321 Fan Trip -- acrylic on paper.  The locomotive is AT&SF 3321, it was dismantled long before the Santa Fe merged with Burlington Northern to become BNSF.  But, if it hadn't been dismantled, it would have been a great locomotive to head a railfan excursion.  It was one of several locomotives with jointed boilers that the AT&SF acquired.  No other railroad experimented with such locomotives.  I undertook the painting after following a railfan excursion train east out of Portland OR.  There were helicopters above, drivers with passengers making videos traveling alongside the locomotive and blocking other traffic on I-84, making for dangerous driving.  Also, people everywhere with cameras.

2020-09-No07 - LZ38 - acrylic on canvas.  Methuselah and his associates better be ready to run.  The airship is a World War I German craft intended for bombing service.

2020-09-No06 - Gothic Basin - 20" x 30", acrylic on paper.

2020-09-No05 - Chupacabra Attack - acrylic on paper.

2020-09-No04 - NP A-1 at Oso - acrylic on paper.  Do you remember where Oso is?  It's between Arlington and Darrington.  The place where there was a big landslide a few years ago.  Northern Pacific's McKeen rail car A-1 was a regular on the line east of Arlington in about 1920.

2020-09-No01 - NP 227 and Train at Black River - 22" x 30" - acrylic on paper.  Black River Junction was near South Center.

2020-06-No03 - Stegosaurs & Allosaurs - 22" x 30" - acrylic on watercolor paper.  Over the years there has been much speculation as to the function of the plates on stegosaurs' backs.  Maybe they looked intimidating to predators.  Maybe they were for sexual display.  Who knows?

2020-06-No02 - Arrival of the Skykomish Local in Skykomish - acrylic on canvas.  From the early 1900's until some time around 1930, the Skykomish Local ran Seattle to Skykomish to Seattle every day.  In this picture, it is arriving in Skykomish.

2020-05-No02 - Ceratosaurs Feeding - mixed media on paper.  Ceratosaurs were interesting dinosaurs.  Carnivorous critters seldom feature horns -- they did.  Most therapods had two or three fingered hands, ceratosaurs had four fingered hands.

2020-05-No01 - NP 4008 Westbound at Kanaskat - 20" x 30" - acrylic on paper.  Where is Kanaskat?  It's east of Auburn WA, on the BNSF (formerly Northern Pacific) main line that runs over the Cascades from Auburn to Ellensburg.  The scene would be about 1940.

2020-04-No03 - NP 4007 East Slope Stampede Pass - 20" x 30" - acrylic on canvas.  This scene is also on the former Northern Pacific main line between Auburn and Ellensburg, on the east side of the mountains this time.

2020-02-No01 - Longview - 24" x 48" - acrylic on canvas.  A southbound Northern Pacific passenger train stopped at the depot in Longview WA.  I took some liberty with the geography of the town in making the painting.

2020-01-No02 - Northern Pacific Q-1 - 12" x 36" - acrylic on canvas.  I've sold this one, but could make a print from a photo if someone is interested.  Northern Pacific Q-1 class passenger locomotive number 310 with a train.  The scenery exists nowhere except in my imagination.

2020-01-No01 - Great Northern 1906 - 16" x 20" - acrylic.  A man's out walking his dog.  The cat would have preferred the dog be kept indoors.  In the background the crew of a Great Northern train is inserting a helper locomotive between the caboose and the rearmost freight car to provide extra power on a steep grade ahead.  Probably the climb from Skykomish to the old Cascade Tunnel, around 1920.


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