2016-07-No02 - Boeing 307 in Flight with Mt Baker in Background.

2015-06-No04 - Flying Wing Over Arlington - acrylic - $35.  This is the flying wing in its YB-35 configuration, with propellers. Later, it was rebuilt with jet engines.  To the best of my knowledge, it never operated in Washington State.

2015-06-No03 - Boeing 377 & Mt. Pilchuck - 16" x 20" - acrylic on canvas - $75.

2014-07-No02 - Stuka.  The Stuka was a dive bomber, and a terror weapon.  It was fitted with a siren to let those being bombed know what was coming.  I no longer have the original, so it's available only as a print.

2014-07-No01 - Antonov An-225.  Aside from the Spruce Goose, this plane is the largest that has been constructed.  There is only one.  It was designed to be a military transport.  It has been used primarily to transport material for missions of mercy.

2014-06-No04 - LZ38 - 16" x 20" - acrylic on canvas - $75.

2014-06-No03 - Northrup YB-49 Takes Off from Arlington Airport - available only as a print.  This is the flying wing as a jet aircraft.

2014-06-No02 - Heinkel He-111 Bomber.  This was an important weapon of the Luftwaffe during the early part of World War II.  6,508 were manufactured.

2014-06-No01 - Messerschmitt Me-262 in Red Baron Colors - This was the 1st jet fighter airplane to actually fly in combat, during World War II.  It was not painted in Red Baron colors.  The Red Baron was a World War I flying ace.


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