2016-11-No03 - St. George & the White Elephant - 16" x 20" - mixed media.  Available only as a print.  I painted it for a white elephant gift exchange, where it went as a gift.

2016-09-No05 - Woodland Trolls - 11" x 48" - acrylic on a wooden plank.  I painted this one for the 2016 fundraising auction of the Arlington Arts Council  It went to a new home from there.

2016-07-No01 - What Trees Think of People

2016-06-No03 - White Elephant with Blue Ear Rings - 16" x 20".  I painted it for a 2016 white elephant gift exchange.  It went to a new home at the gift exchange.

2016-06-No02 - White Elephant with Ruby Ear Rings - 16" x 20" - acrylic.  I painted it for a white elephant gift exchange.  At this event, it went to a new home.  Available only as a print.

2016-04-No01 - Barrel Race

2016-03-No01 - Drag Race

2015-12-No02 - White Elephant Gothic.  Available only as a print.

2015-12-No01 - The Bellow.  Available only as a print.

2015-01-No06 - Monster Under the Bed.  I've added text to the image.  The original is available, 18" x 24", acrylic, $75.

2015-01-No04 - Card Game - 18" x 24" - acrylic on paper.  The man and the dragon are playing cards.  Why?  Perhaps they're highway robbers, awaiting victims.  Perhaps they're warriors, waiting for a battle.  Asking price $75.

2015-01-No02 - Dragon at the Door - 18" x 24" - acrylic on paper.  What's going on here?  Is the dragon offering the woman a ride?  Is the dragon seeking a maiden to devour?  Asking price $75.

2015-01-No01 - Opinionated Eagles.  Available only as a print.

2014-12-No05 - Camelot.

2014-12-No04 - Pablo & A White Elephant.  Available only as a print.

2014-11-No04 - Tree Trolls - available only as a print.  You will observe Mt. Pilchuck in the background.

2014-03-No02 - Oz.

2013-01-No01 - Deep Throat Rail.  Available only as a print.

2012-12-No02 - Tea Party Express.

2012-08-No03 - Circus.  Available only as a print.

2012-08-No02 - Scoundrel Chase.  Available only as a print.

2012-01-No04 - Edge of the World.  I've been told that the world is round, not flat.  Still, this has to be a falsehood.  The world looks flat to me.  There's got to be an edge somewhere.  What's it like at the edge?  Maybe it's like this.

2012-01-No03 - Cinderella.  The tale I heard when I was young, and that Disney made into a movie, has always seemed hokey to me.  Would a prince really fall for a demure young chick out to her first dance?  Would she really be able to dance, without any training?  I'd think Cinderella would need to be a brazen young thing to snag a prince in a hurry.  Here she is, after her carriage deteriorated into a punkin, the coach driver returned to being a rat and the doormen to mice, and the horses returned to being lizards.  Prince Charming doesn't seem upset.  He's coming out to snag his woman.

2011-12-No02 - Edge of the World.  It appears that a man has brought his son to the edge of the world.  The son's response . . . "So what?"

2011-12-No01 - Young Santa Claus.  All of us were young at one time or another.  Even Santa Claus.  He couldn't have sprung from no where as an old guy with white hair, a white beard, and a fat belly.  Here's Santa when he was young and it was young chicks bearing wine and cheese who met him when he came down the chimney rather than matronly women with plates of cookies.

2011-10-No01 - Avengers.  Have you ever entered some of your art in a show and had yours rejected while other pieces you felt were inferior to yours were rejected?  Probably not, unless you're an artists.  If you have, you know what this piece is about.

2011-07-No02 - Laboratory.

2011-07-No01 - Party.  What kind of party do witches and wizards have when they get together?  It has been believed, since ancient times, that it is a truly evil affair.  But is it?  Or, do they just do fun stuff, like other people do when they party?

2011-05-No01 - Boring Objects.  At meetings of the Columbian Artists Association of Longview WA frequently the members were sometimes given challenging topics to make art about.  "Boring Objects" was one.  This was my response.

2011-03-No01 - Moonlight Serenade.  Title of a song dance bands sometimes play.  My perception as to what a moonlight serenade would likely be.

2010-11-No01 - Purple People Eater.  Why would a people eater choose to eat purple people only?  I haven't a clue.

2010-10-No03 - Personal Protective Equipment - 18" x 24" - acrylic on paper.  Asking price $75.

2010-07-No03 - Run for Your Life.  In 1980, while living in Longview WA, I almost got into this situation myself.  Mt. St. Helens was shivering and shaking and venting steam and ash, me among them.  However, when the mountain blew, at 8:32 am on Sunday May 18, I was home in bed.  I worked graveyard shift at Longview Fibre Company the night before.  When I looked at the mountain during my drive home, the mountain looked peaceful.  Looks can be deceiving.

2010-07-No02 - One Day Downtown.

2010-04-No06 - Remembering May 18 1980.

2007-06-No01 - Pissed.  24" x 24" - acrylic.  Asking price $75.

2006-08-No01 - Tough Part of Town.  Available only as a print.

2006-06-No01 - Kelso - 18" x 24" - acrylic.  Asking price $75.

1997-07-No09 - Reading a Horror Story - 18" x 24" - asking price $75.

1995-07-No08 - Spirit of the Campground - 18" x 24" - acrylic.  Asking price $75.

1995-05-No02 - Racing - 24" x 36" - acrylic on canvas.  Asking price $100.


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