Painted Sculptures

2016-09-No06 - Painted Armored Dinosaur.  I picked up the toy at a store in Arlington WA that sells used stuff.  I gave it to a granddaughter.  She didn't do much with it.  My stepdaughter was gonna take it to Goodwill, so I reclaimed it and painted it.  Then, the granddaughter wanted it.  "It glitters!"

2016-09-No02 - Great Northern & Cascade Tyrannosaurus.  I purchased the toy used, and painted it in Great Northern colors.  The Great Northern & Cascade is a miniature railway in Skykomish that carries passengers on rides from May thru October.

2016-09-No01 - Great Northern Tyrannosaurus.  It is little known, except among northwest railfans, that, when the Great Northern first pushed through to the west coast, tyrannosaurs were common in the area.  These critters were harnessed to handle some of the trains.  The system worked well, as the animals were very strong.  However, working with them was hazardous, and many tyrannosaur drivers were eaten.  OSHA eventually ended the practice, and locomotives took over pulling all trains.  The model shows how one of the beasts would have looked in the early days.


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