2017-01-No01 - Seahawk Shoes.  I painted them for a neighbor to give to his daughter.  This is NOT the Seahawk logo.  If you want to provide me a pair of shoes to paint similarly, I'd probably do it for about $50.  If you want me to paint 100 pairs, forget about it.  This is a hobby . . . I'm not a production line.

2016-09-No11 - Painted Shoes.

2016-09-No04 - Colorful Shoes.

2016-08-No01 - Great Northern Railway Shoes.

2016-01-No02 - Eagle Shoes.  I painted these shoes . . . they're Doc Marten steel-toed safety shoes that I wore when I was employed in a paper mill . . . for the 2016 Eagle Festival in Arlington WA.  They're size 12.  If you want them you can have them for $35.

2015-09-No05 - Four-Eyes Shoes.  I painted these while working as a vendor at Art in the Park in Arlington WA in September 2015.  A young woman came through, said they were cute, tried them on, and they fit.  I offered to give them to her.  I figured she must be Cinderella since they fit her.  She didn't take them, though.  So, I guess she wasn't.  If you see me and I have them at an art show, try them on.  If they fit you, you can have them.

2015-07-No06 - Shoes for a Predatory Female.  I painted them while working as a vendor at Art By the Bay in Stanwood WA in July 2015.  If you're a predatory female . . . They're for YOU!  I haven't decided how much to ask for them, and I don't know what size they are.

2015-07-No05 - Electric Green Glitter Shoes.  I also painted these while working as a vendor at Art By the Bay.  If you see me at an upcoming show and the shoes fit you, you can have them.

2015-07-No04 - Blue Face Shoes.  Another pair of shoes I painted at Art By the Bay.

2014-10-No04 - Clown Shoes.  If you have any interest at all in them, send me an email.

2014-10-No04 - Wizard Shoes.  They fit me, and I wear them on occasion.  If you want a pair like them, I could paint you one.

2014-10-No03 - Wizard Shoes.  Another pair that fit me and I wear occasionally.

2014-10-No02 - Wizard Shoes.  Yet another pair that fit me and I wear to the meetings of arts guilds and to work in galleries and at art shows.

2013-12-No01 - Witch Shoes.

2013-07-No04 - Raccoon Shoes.

2013-01-No02 - Eagle Shoes.  I painted these for the 2013 Eagle Festival in Arlington WA.

2010-05-No01 - Mt. St. Helens Shoes.  I painted them for an art show at Mt. St. Helens Visitor Center, near Castle Rock WA.


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