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2016-12-No04 - Tunnel No. 9 - 16" x 20" - acrylic.  A scene at Tehachapi Loop in the 1940's or 1950's.  A southbound freight is coming up the hill, pulled by a 2-10-2 locomotive manufactured in the 1920's.  Above it, northbound, is another freight with F7 diesels on the front.

2016-12-No03 - Tunnel No. 9 - 16" x 20" - acrylic.  A scene at Tehachapi Loop.  This one's an impossible scene . . . passenger Mallet No. 1300 (above) was dismantled in 1915, before the 3800 class 2-10-2 locomotives began to be manufactured following World War I.  But, it's still fun to imagine the scene!  The train coming at you is southbound, toward Los Angeles.  The passenger train above is coming down the grade from the summit at Tehachapi, with Bakersfield its next scheduled stop.

2016-11-No02 - Northern Pacific A-1 at Oso - 16" x 20" - acrylic.  Northern Pacific A-1 was the one McKeen rail car purchased by this railroad.  It seems to have spent a significant portion of its career operating between Arlington and Darrington, as most of the photos of it that I have located were taken in this area.  The car, built about 1910, was powered by a gasoline engine.

2016-11-No01 - Arriving Skykomish - 16" x 20" - acrylic.  Great Northern No. 1903, a 2-6-6-2 mallet, coasts eastbound into Skykomish.  The year is about 1910.  The big engine has brought the train up the not-too-severe (about 1%) grade from Everett.  The fireman aboard the locomotive has had hot work of it, shoveling coal all the way, and has come over to the engineer's side to await his relief.  On the ground is a brakeman, who will board the train here.

2016-10-No04 - Arriving Skykomish - 16" x 20" - acrylic.  Great Northern locomotive brings an eastbound train into Skykomish WA, some time between about 1906 and 1920.

2016-06-No01 - Northern Pacific 1507 - 11" x 48" - acrylic on a wooden plank.  The log train appears to be rolling northbound, with Mt. Pilchuck in the background.

2016-04-No02 - Great Northern & Cascade - 11" x 48" - acrylic on a wooden board.

2015-12-No05 - Horseshoe Tunnel - 24" x 48" - acrylic on plywood.  The scene is in Stevens Pass, in the Cascades.  The tunnel itself would be below you, at the near end of the bridge.  The 2-6-6-2 is pushing the eastbound train toward the Cascade Tunnel.  In all likelihood, another 2-6-6-2 is at the front end, pulling the train.  I'm asking $125 for the original.

2015-12-No04 - GN 2056 - 11" x 48" - acrylic on a piece of lumber.  The picture is of a westbound Great Northern freight train between Monroe WA and Snohomish WA.  The locomotive is an R2, an example of the largest locomotive owned by this railroad.  I'm asking $100 for the original.

2015-10-No01 - GN 1802 on the Foss River Bridge - 16" x 20" - acrylic on canvas board.  The location is on the uphill eastbound grade in Stevens Pass between Skykomish and Scenic.  The time between 1906 and 1920.  I'm asking $75 for the original.

2015-08-No01 - Marysville & Northern No. 1.  I've sold the original of this one, but I can make you a print of it.  The Marysville and Northern Railway was dismantled in 1927.  It ran between Marysville WA and Bryant WA, with branches out into woodland areas.  It was primarily a lumbering railroad.

2015-06-No06 - Stanwood Amtrak Depot.

2015-06-No05 - Stanwood Amtrak Depot.

2015-06-No02 - Skykomish.

2015-06-No01 - Snohomish.

2015-05-No02 - Skykomish.  An eastbound GN freight train pulls into Skykomish WA, led by an L2 2-6-6-2 mallet.

2015-04-No01 - Marysville & Northern No. 1.  A loaded log train scampers southbound between Bryant WA and Marysville WA.  Locomotive No. 1 was a standard-issue Baldwin 2-8-2 logging locomotive.

2015-03-No02 - ATSF 560 at Tunnel No 9 - available only as a print.  Tunnel No 9 is at Tehachapi Loop in California.  The train coming at you is ascending a stiff 2.2% grade.  It will loop around behind you and come into the picture from the right on the track above.  The train drifting down the 2.2% grade, led by ATSF 3001, is on a siding.  It will continue down the grade, and pass through the tunnel in front of you.  When constructed in 1911, ATSF 3001 was the largest locomotive in the world.

2015-03-No01 - Tunnel No 9.  This scene is at the same location as the one above.  Once again, it is an impossible scene.  When the General Electric Dash 8-40BW coming out of the tunnel in front of you came on the scene, the General Motors F7's above were long since off the Santa Fe's locomotive roster.

2015-02-No01 - Susquehanna - 18" x 24" - acrylic on canvas - $75.  Erie’s 2-8-8-8-2 locomotives, numbered 5014, 5015, and 5016, built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, were put into service in 1914.  They worked as pushers on Gulf Summit hill near Susquehanna, PA.  Here one is being coupled to the rear of a freight train prior to going up the grade.  These were very large, complex machines.  It is interesting to note that Baldwin sent its most senior service engineer, 88-year-old George Fox Johnson, to assist the railroad with getting the locomotives into operation.  A century later, with many laws on the books to protect older Americans from age discrimination, what firm would send an 88-year-old man to do anything?  Johnson continued to work in this capacity for Baldwin until he was 95 years old.

2015-01-No05 - Marysville & Northern No 2 - available only as a print.  Locomotive No 2 was a unique Baldwin geared logging locomotive.  Here it's showed scampering south between Arlington WA and Marysville WA.

2014-03-No04 - Snohomish - 16" x 20" - acrylic on canvas - $75.  The train coming at you, pulled by a Great Northern R2 locomotive, is heading for Stevens Pass, where electric locomotives will take the train from Skykomish to Wenatchee.  Rolling northbound is a Northern Pacific 2-8-8-2 on the bridge, heading through Getchell on its way to Arlington.  The time is the 1930's.

2013-12-No04 - Hall & Hall Railroad.  This railroad was either famous or notorious as the shortest railroad in the world.  The railroad was in Stanwood WA.  I painted the picture to go on a sign in Stanwood.

2013-12-No03 - Hall & Hall Railroad.  This railroad was either famous or notorious as the shortest railroad in the world.  The railroad was in Stanwood WA.  I painted the picture to go on a sign in Stanwood.

2013-11-No01 - Steam Streamlined Passenger Trains - 24" x 48" - acrylic on canvas - $125.

2013-10-No02 - Weyerhaeuser Trestle - available only as a print.  A scene from the 1980's . . . Alco Century 415 locomotives on a freight train.  The trestle crosses the Cowlitz River.

2013-10-No01 - Daylights Meet.

2013-09-No06 - John Wilkes - available only as a print.  The John Wilkes, flagship streamliner of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, sprints by.

2013-08-No04 - Salt Lick Curve - available only as a print.  Mighty EM-1 locomotives of the Baltimore & Ohio lift freight trains up an Allegheny grade.

2013-08-No02 - Great Northern 1365 - available only as a print.  A passenger train at a water stop.

2013-08-No01 - Great Northern 1364 - available only as a print.

2013-07-No03 - Great Northern 2108 - available only as a print.  Great Northern 2-10-2 No 2108 is at a rural western Washington location.  Evidently the locomotive has some minor mechanical issue to be repaired.

2013-07-No01 - Northern Pacific 5138 at Easton WA - available only as a print.

2013-06-No02 - Cascade Tunnel.  This locomotive is approaching the old Cascade Tunnel in Stevens pass before electric locomotives started handling trains traveling through the tunnel in 1909.

2013-06-No01 - Norfolk & Western 4-8-0's.

2013-05-No02 - Great Northern Locomotive 2102 - available only as a print.

2013-04-No05 - Benicia CA 1893 - 18" x 24" - acrylic on canvas - $75.  The man on the left is my father's maternal grandfather, making him my great-grandfather.

2013-04-No03 - Fight for a Fish.

2013-04-No02 - Tunnel No. 9 - available only as a print.

2013-04-No01 - Tunnel No. 9 - available only as a print.

2012-09-No02 - Dunsmuir.

2012-06-No01 - Columbia & Cowlitz No. 700.  The H12-44, built by Fairbanks-Morse, was a 1200 hp diesel switcher, was not a very popular model.  Only 336 of them were built between 1950 and 1961.  I based this picture on a photo I took of one in Longview WA in 1974.

2012-04-No01 - Approaching Caliente

2012-03-No01 - Longview Fibre Company Locomotive No. 1200.

2012-02-No01 - Southern Pacific No. 4124 at Puente CA.  Puente . . . now La Puente . . . is the town in California that I grew up in.

2011-05-No02 - Erie No. 5016.

2011-04-No01 - Southern Pacific No. 4018 - available only as a print.

2010-08-No05 - Western Maryland No. 1209 - available only as a print.

2010-04-No01 - Approaching Stampede Hell - 18" x 24" - acrylic - $75.  The Stampede Tunnel, in the Cascades east of Auburn WA, was referred to by railroad crews as "Stampede Hell" for good reason.  It was plenty hot working on a steam locomotive working through the 1.9 mile long tunnel, and the situation was made worse because the tunnel peaked at its center.  Here a ponderous Northern Pacific 2-8-8-2 is pushing a freight train into the bore.  Deep inside the mountain, another 2-8-8-2 is pulling on the front end of the train.

2010-01-No03 - Benicia CA 1893.  The man on the left is one of my paternal great grandfathers.

2010-01-No01 - Saugus CA.  Available only as a print.  The crew of a Southern Pacific 2-10-2, No. 3625, awaits a coming train that they will push up a mountain grade.

2009-12-No01 - Southern Pacific No 4208 in Altamont Pass.  Southern Pacific 4-6-6-2 mallets Nos. 4200 -  4211 were designed for passenger service in the Sierras.  They turned out not to be very good in this service, but worked well on freight trains.  This one is working between California's central valley and the San Francisco Bay area.

2009-09-No02 - Tunnel No. 9 - available only as a print.

2009-09-No01 - Cajon Pass Summit - 18" x 24" - watercolor - $75. 

2009-08-No02 - Philadelphia & Reading - 16" x 20" - acrylic on canvas - $75.  The painting is based on a photo taken in the 1920's of two obsolete passenger locomotives pulling a freight train.

2009-04-No01 - Lanesboro - available only as a print.

2007-08-No01 - Salt Lick Curve - available only as a print.

2007-04-No01 - Norfolk & Western Y4 - available only as a print.

2005-07-No01 - Old Cascade Tunnel - 18" x 24" - watercolor - $75.  A Great Northern 2-6-6-2 pulling a freight train into the Cascade Tunnel some time between 1906 when the 2-6-6-2's arrived and 1909 when electric locomotives took over pulling trains through the tunnel.

2005-03-No01 - Cajon Pass Summit - watercolor.

2004-10-No01 - Progress.

2004-09-No01 - Old Cascade Tunnel.

2003-11-No01 - Weyerhaeuser Locomotive No 200.  Weyerhaeuser's twins, Nos 200 and 201, worked the rail line out of Longview WA.  They were the largest logging locomotives in the world.  Here No. 200 is in Kelso WA, approaching the crossing of the Cowlitz River.

2002-11-No01 - Pennsylvania - 24" x 48" - acrylic on canvas - $125.

2002-09-No01 - Mr. Smith's Mail.

2001-10-No01 - Puente.

2001-09-No01 - Tunnel No. 9 - available only as a print.

2001-07-No01 - Tunnel No. 11.

2001-05-No06 - The Chase - 10" x 30" - acrylic on paper.  The picture was inspired by my experience following Union Pacific locomotive 3985, a 4-6-6-4 steam locomotive, pulling a train east out of Portland OR.  Rail enthusiasts were out en mass.  Helicopters followed the train, taking movies.  Autos paced the locomotive, taking movies.  The freeway was packed with autos following the train, everyone jockeying for viewpoints for movie making and picture taking.

2001-05-No03 - Cinco de Mayo.  Based on a photo I encountered on the wall of a Mexican restaurant in Kelso WA.

2000-09-No01 - Climbing Aboard - available only as a print.  The locomotive engineer climbs aboard a Pennsylvania Railroad K4 locomotive.

2000-07-No03 - Shasta Division.

2000-04-No01 - Tunnel No. 9.

2000-03-No01 - AT&SF No. 3009.

2000-01-No01 - Express Trains at Tehachapi Loop - 18" x 24" - acrylic on paper - $75.

1999-07-No17 - Tunnel No. 9.

1999-07-No16 - Woodford.  Based on a photo taken at Woodford in the Tehachapis in about 1890.

1999-07-No12 - Tunnel No. 9 - 18" x 24" - watercolor - $75.

1999-07-No09 - Southern Pacific Helper Locomotives - 18" x 24" - watercolor - $75.

1999-07-No03 - AT&SF at Tehachapi Loop.  A rather fanciful picture of three compound mallets of the Santa Fe muscling a long freight train up and around Tehachapi Loop.

1998-07-No10 - Tunnel No. 9 - available only as a print.

1998-07-No09 - Salt Lick Curve.

1998-07-No08 - Tuxedo Junction Barber Shop.

1998-07-No06 - Clear Track Ahead - A locomotive engineer climbs about a PRR K4.

1998-07-No05 - Feather River Canyon - 18" x 24" - acrylic.

1998-07-No01 - Columbia River Gorge.

1998-03-No03 - Rocky Point Bridge.

1998-03-No02 - Longview Depot.

1997-11-No02 - Kalama River Bridge.

1997-07-No18 - Tunnel No. 9.

1997-07-No12 - Tehachapi Loop.

1997-02-No01 - Pusher Engineer's View.


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